See Some Of The Cool Things You Can Make!

Here are examples of some cool things we have made in our episodes. We encourage you to try your best and to follow our tutorials, so you too can make these super cool art creations and science projects!

Magic Flash Lightart Example

In episode 3, we teach you how to make Magic Flashlight Art. By using a transparent sheet,... permanent markers, and black construction paper, we are able to make a dark cave full of cave creatures. When we insert our flashlight cut-out between the transparent sheet and black construction paper, what was once dark becomes light and we are able to explore our caves!

Tornado in a bottle image

In episode 4, we teach you how to make a Tornado in a Bottle! By using two bottles,... a washer, and some tape, we are able to create a vessel for our Tornado in a Bottle. When we add water and some dishsoap and spin the bottles quickly, we use centripetal force to create a tornado funnel inside the bottles!

Scratch Art Example

In episode 5, we teach you how to make Scratch Art! First, we get to be super silly with... crayons as we colour an entire piece of paper any way we want to. The more colours and unusual patterns, the better! Once there is no longer any white left on the paper, we paint over the crayon with black paint and wait for it to dry. Afterwards, we scratch into the paint to reveal the beautiful colours beneath the surface. It's like opening presents as we are never sure what colour will be exposed next!

Lava Lamp Example

In episode 6, we teach you how to make your very own Lava Lamp. All you need to do is put ... some cooking oil, food colouring, and water into a jar. Then, pop in an alka seltzer tablet to see your Lava Lamp come to life! Add a light at the bottom for some extra effect!

Tape Reveal Art Example

In episode 7, we teach you how to make Tape Reveal Art! First, we write a cool word or ... message we want to share - it can even be your name. Once we tape over our letters, we paint the entire piece of paper in whatever colour we want! Finally, when the paint is dry, we remove the tape to reveal our masterpiece!

Optical Art Example

In episode 8, we teach you how to make Optical Art! Optical Art tricks your eyes in to seeing... depth and movement that really isn't there. All you need are some markers, a ruler, a piece of paper, and some imagination!

Volcano Experiment Example 1

In episode 9, we teach you how to make your very own volcano! We mix baking soda,... vinegar, food colouring, and dishsoap in a bottle and wait for a chemical reation! The result is a lava like liquid that flows out of the bottle. You can add modelling clay around your bottle to make it look like a real volcano!

Volcano Experiment Example 2

In episode 9, we have a bonus experiment! Using some of the same ingredients in our... volcanoes - baking soda and vinegar, we capture the carbon dioxide created during the chemical reaction to blow up balloons!